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About Us

"More than four in five deposit claims by landlords are rejected or reduced by the [deposit protection scheme] adjudicator."

Latest Deposit Protection Service (DPS) research


Get My Deposit Back is a unique and game-changing UK renter's platform founded by Matthew Boulton.

Without own good quality evidence, your deposit is at the mercy of unreasonable deductions by your landlord.

The majority of landlord claims are rejected or reduced by the deposit protection scheme's adjudicator because Landlords often misunderstand the law surrounding deposits, wrongly claiming they are entitled to deposit deductions relating to fair wear and tear.


If you are in a deposit dispute, the final decision should lie with the deposit protection scheme.

Yet the dispute process is quite formal and too often tenants are put off from disputing deductions as they don't how to navigate the process successfully. Tenants instead pay however much money the landlord is demanding - often for damage that was there when they moved in! Our mission is to put a stop to this.

How We Help

Our platform is the first to turn this formality into a straightforward process.

We provide free advice on the likely outcome of your dispute. Then if you wish to proceed we can manage the entire dispute for you, ensuring you don't put a foot wrong. All customers also benefit from our unique professional Tenant Evidence Report available 24/7 - presenting your evidence and arguments in a form the adjudicator wants to see to improve your chances of success.


​Even in the worst case scenario where you are found liable for damage and something needs to be replaced or repainted, the tenant is rarely required to pay the full cost incurred by the landlord. Tenants on our platform can defend themselves against such unreasonable charges.

Click the button below and let us help you Get Your Deposit Back.

Tenant Talks and Staff Training Courses

We also offer a wide range of engaging courses directly to tenants, and those that support them, on all renting matters. 


We are proud to say our courses are very popular with audiences - we avoid the confusing housing jargon you see elsewhere.


As a result we receive a lot of interest from University Student Unions and college JCRs wanting to upskill their housing support team.


We also deliver engaging talks directly to student tenants on topics that the busy SU or JCR don't have time to research themselves.

To learn more, or to receive a menu of available topics, please click the button below.

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